About Vin Diesel’s life


Mark Vincent (he apparently got the name Vin Diesel while he was working as a bouncer) was born July 18, 1967 in New York, NY and was raised by his astrologer/psychologist mother and his stepfather, a teacher and theater director.
Growing up in an artist’s housing project in Greenwich Village with his non-identical twin brother Paul and younger sisters, a young Diesel led a life of uncertainty, not knowing his biological father. But despite his humble upbringing, it was obvious that he wanted to be a performer from the age of three after his mother had to stop him from trying to step into the ring at the circus.

Diesel is noted for his recognizable deep voice; he has said that his voice broke at around age 15, giving him a mature sounding voice on the telephone.

Around 2001, Diesel dated his The Fast and the Furious co-star, Michelle Rodriguez.

Diesel has expressed his love for the Dominican Republic, and how he relates to its multicultural facets. He is also acquainted with President Leonel Fernandez, and has since appeared in one of his earlier campaign ads. “Los Bandoleros”, a short film directed by Diesel, was also filmed in the Dominican Republic.

Diesel claims that he prefers dating in Europe, where he is less likely to be recognized and where celebrities are not romantically linked to each other. He prefers to maintain his privacy regarding his personal life:

I’m not gonna put it out there on a magazine cover like some other actors. I come from the Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino code of silence.

Vin Diesel starred in The Fast and the Furious (2001), xXx (2002), The Chronicles of Riddick franchise, and Babylon A.D. He has also had prominent roles in Saving Private Ryan (1998) and Boiler Room (2000), along with lead voice-over role in the Warner Bros. animated movie The Iron Giant. He’s even dabbled in directing.

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